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Unlimited Large Group Training M - Thurs 5am/630pm M - F 5am

Welcome to our Unlimited Group Training classes. These classes are design to give you the best full body workout. This class targets  HIIT/ Metabolic training at its best. Concentrating on burning fat and calories during your rest time. While focusing on Lean Muscle build during each workout. The goal is to increase muscle build, stamina and endurance.  


This class that I facilitate will give your abs and core the look that it needs. It focuses on all three parts of your midsection. Lower, middle and upper abs and of course the core! Trust me, your abs will thank you later. Conditioning based workouts


Free Boot Camp every Saturday at Teds Fit Factory. Just because it is free doesnt mean that we give you anything less of a great workout. There are different trainers that participate in our boot camp focuses on strength training and cardio endurance. Our goal is to hit, burn and tone your body, by using weights, bodyweight and cardio circuits.

Teds Fit Factory

2101 Northlake Pkwy

Tucker, Ga 30084

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